Our Curriculum:

The 96-hour Dental Assistant program prepares students for Dental Assisting entry-level jobs. The course familiarizes students with all pre-clinical dental assistance fields and offers instruction in the technical skills needed to work in dental practice as an assistant. This course is suitable for students interested in pursuing a potential formal dental hygiene program in addition to entry-level administrative work.

Dental assistants are often an essential part of performing operations and other procedures successfully. Dental assistants are also charged with duties before and during these operations, such as preparing the patient and the affected area for surgery, handing the dentist the necessary instruments and using equipment such as a suction hose to keep the patient’s mouth dry. We will prepare our students to become outstanding ambassadors of our school so that they are highly recommended in the dental industry for dental assistant roles.

ADATS services concentrate positively on certain building features of choice and control, the participation of the group, physical and cognitive support, comfort and personal treatment, and the development of a sense of normality and authenticity. We will ensure that we remain committed to our vision and purpose and ensure that the company works tirelessly to achieve its objectives and goals.

Our Vision and Mission:

Advanced Dental Assistant Training School, LLC is a start-up business located in Gainesville, VA. We are a dental assistant school that provides students who want to get a position in the field of dental assistants with a 12-week program. The program allows students to register, pay the course fee and attend the class for 12 weeks. Complete 96 hours of in-class instruction, testing, quizzes and students are qualified and eligible to work as a dental assistant once the course is completed.

The school’s mission is to prepare and help potential students find better jobs and possibilities as well. We are supposed to provide people with more and more accessible, competent oral hygiene education and services. In terms of dental care education and service delivery, our goal is to become the number one option in the whole of.

References and guidance are also given about how and where to apply for their new jobs. Our committed teachers at ADATS will inspire and challenge our students, and our coursework will help students pursue the skills that will enhance their careers. We know there are no shortcuts to a satisfying career, but we think our students’ career climb starts with us.

Our program focuses on preparing students for career success using intensive training focused on a well-researched and accepted curriculum. Our students will become industry qualified to meet the dental office and laboratory preparation needs of the 21st century by differentiating learning, valuing various student interests and skills, and adapting and reacting to technology and workplace needs.

Professional Teaching Faculty:

Teachers will be part of a professional learning group across the different teaching categories around the school and engage in professional discussions about learning and professional development, contributing to improved student outcomes. Employees are supposed to have high aspirations and interact with their students efficiently. Comprehensive advice on student pathways and the chance to collaborate with school staff in handling student difficulties will also be provided to parents and guidance.

As a school, we regard our employees as the cornerstone upon which excellence is founded in the Institute’s programs. Employees are helpers to boost student performance. Our employees will be handled with respect, have access to and seek sufficient professional development, and participate in the successful management of results. Employee skill development will affect and inform better classroom practice and contribute to improved student outcomes.