Meet Our Professionals

We have years of dental care experience and are pleased to share our experience and dedication with you. We invite you to visit or call us at (571) 288-9973 to learn more about the school of advanced dental assistant training and start your application process. We are looking forward to your meeting!

Adiba Rahimi

I have been in the medical/dental industry for ten years as a uniquely talented, qualified dental assistant, and clinical trainer/educator. I have been a licensed dental assistant and clinical teacher/instructor for the last eight years. I have helped physicians renovate and organize their offices to be up-to-date, using the latest available dental equipment, in addition to the classic management duties associated with supervising dental workers.

My achievement led me to believe that I could apply my abilities to a certified program of learning and training (CDA). My future objective is to provide a well-established and effective school that prepares students to work and grow in the field of dentistry. Our friendly dental specialists are dedicated to helping you develop the skills you need to be an outstanding dental assistant. We are working hard to make sure there is you get top-quality, hands-on training.

Cesar Lemus, Clinical Assistant

In 2013, I started in the dental sector. I like to provide patients with the best treatment experience and experiences. As a general assistant, I enjoy working. I have been a dental teacher for four years and can share my experience with my students and my team. I also speak Spanish, which allows me to assist any student with a second language that may be English. I enjoy outdoor activities and spending time with my family when I am not working.

Lia – Teacher at ADATS

My name is Lia and I’ve been working in the dental field for about 13 years. I was born in Queens New York & I am of Dominican origin. I absolutely love dentistry. Helping others around me has always been a fulfillment of mine. I’ve trained many dental assistants over the course of my career. I thrive by keeping up to date with the latest changes in the dental field. I enjoy working in a field that is constantly developing and implementing new research to better the health of patients & staff. I’m a mother, wife , dog mom & in my spare time I enjoy crafting, reading, working out & speaking on my podcast encouraging women to be strong & empowered. I look forward to being of mentorship and assistance to all of the students of ADATS. 

Aroosa Haq, DA

In 2014, I started my dental career as a dental assistant. As well as in periodontics and oral surgery, I have worked in general dentistry. I enjoy working in dentistry and love to help patients receive their dental care and ensure that patients feel secure during their treatment.

I have been teaching as a Dental Assisting Teacher for the past five years. I am thrilled to be able to share with you my dentistry experience and expertise. I enjoy spending it with my family and friends as well as cooking in my spare time.